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Page 3 - Conclusion and Sources

It is clear that the manuscript evidences of authenticity for the Christian New Testament are superior in every respect to many other ancient works.  Based on this evidence, we have every reason to regard the New Testament copies we hold in our hands today as more authentic than any other history from ancient literature.  If they are intellectually honest, then skeptics who dismiss the modern New Testament as an unauthentic collection of embellishment and fabrication must say the same for all of ancient history as well.

My own experiences in finding this information "on my own" and presenting it to other has led me to believe that the entire American educational infrastructure seems to have uniformly failed to inform the population about any of these facts.  More often, students are indoctrinated with ideas directly contradicting the actual facts.  Furthermore, the church is largely failing as well.  It is time to restore real history to our classrooms.

David E. Own
Apple Valley, MN
February 1996


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