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"And ye shall hear of wars & rumors of wars...For nation shall rise against nation, & kingdom against kingdom:" (Matthew 24:7)

No period has witnessed the escalation of wars as has the 20th Century. The Red Cross has estimated that over 100 million people have been killed in wars since the 20th Century began. Up until 1914, war had never been universal, but in both World War 1 & 2, total war was waged.

Since World War II, the war that was supposed to make the world safe for democracy, there have been numerous major wars & hundreds of rebellions & revolutions. The death toll in conflicts since the end of World War II has now topped 23 million.

November '89!--The opening of the Berlin Wall symbolizes the end of the Cold War between the Superpowers...But instead of the expected peace, more "wars & rumors of wars" raged around our planet. In 1993 a record 29 major wars were fought.

"Nation rising against nation, & kingdom against kingdom" could more accurately be translated as "ethnic group rising against ethnic group"--a prophecy dreadfully fulfilled in former Yugoslavia, Rwanda & other trouble spots around the World. Not only are "wars & rumors of wars" on the increase, but also the horrors that wars unleash.

We have become numb to news of atrocities & tortures, mass rape & murder, which show what horrible savagery modern man is still capable of when he is unrestrained by God.