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Tragic Epilouge
by Anti-Pop Consortium

Throughout history, the preface "throughout history" usually intones grandiosity. Connotations of pompous pretense and condescending color a revisionist agenda. Validation for all unsubstanciated occurances is inferred by the blanket statement "throughout history". This document is no different. With that being said, I will intrude upon your mental periphery for only a short time. This is not information to be retained. Do not allow yourself the liberty of nostalgia. Romance is slavery. As the "Anti-Pop Consortium" there are certain "obvious" connotations. Dispell them. Most of them are inaccurate. We are post- modern vampire killers, driving analogue stakes through binary hearts. We are three-dimensional. We live, love, cry, bleed and feel. We do not fear the future. Our aim is to influence the governing body of collective thought. As sound bodies we proclaim "disturb the equilibrium". Our past is your future. We will crush you.